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The PUTIEN brand traces its roots to its namesake city of Putian – a beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian, with rich cultural history and storied tradition since its settlement over almost one and a half millennium ago. It is, after all, the birthplace of the goddess Mazu and the fabled Southern Shaolin Kungfu, among many other legendary tales.

Seated against majestic mountains and facing the vast ocean, Putian is blessed with bountiful harvests from land and sea. Its humble people offered only their best produce to honour God, ancestors and country. Every precious yam plucked from the earth; every prized yield of seaweed; every tug and pull to produce the world’s best vermicelli; these were heartfelt toils born of modesty and moving sentimentality.

Modern Putian cuisine therefore carries the essence of its people from ages past – unpretentious, simple and pure.

It takes a special kind of conviction and an even more extraordinary mettle to pioneer a cuisine with such remarkable antiquity attached to it. But we set out with the same values of the Putian people at heart – to deliver only the most unadulterated tastes, the most heartwarming, sincere service and a gastronomical experience so enjoyable that it will always hold a place in your heart.

And at the heart of it all: Lip-smacking good food made with an unyielding enthusiasm that you can feel in every mouthful.

We first focused on doing a few things well. The savoury satisfaction of white hot, luscious Putien Lor Mee broth. Or the sweet-savoury delightful crunch of every piece of Stir-fried Yam. Or how the prawns, scallops and fishes used in our creations still taste as sweet as the sea intended.

As it turned out, these are the things that mattered most. Our delicacies will always carry the essence of our coastal city heritage – fresh, light, invigorating.

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100 Second Stewed Yellow Croaker
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Claypot Braised Double Mushroom with Beef Tendon
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Braised Beef with Potato
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Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee
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Our Bestsellers
PUTIEN Kelapa Gading

Mall Kelapa Gading 3, 3rd Floor unit R-11
021 - 4585 5041

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PIK Avenue, 1st Floor unit E5
021 - 2257 0840

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Neo Soho UG Floor unit UG.205
021 - 3950 2255

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PUTIEN Sawah Besar

Jln. Sukarjo Suryopranoto no.69, Maphar Tamansari Jakarta barat
021 - 626 0038/42

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PUTIEN Living World

Ground Floor, Unit G-37
021 - 53128539

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PUTIEN Emporium

4th Floor Unit 4 - 26
021 - 66676329

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