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Discover the authentic flavors of Katong-inspired Peranakan cuisine perfected by Baba Laksa.

Katong, a district on Singapore’s eastern coast that is known for its Peranakan enclave, served as inspiration for the Baba Laksa. 

Early 19th-century Chinese businessmen who settled in Singapore introduced the kampong  to their culture, food, and way of life. Families were created by settling merchants with local women, and their descendants are now known as Peranakans. Nyonya Laksa was created by the wives of these merchants, who put their own spin on traditional Chinese soups that resulted in a delectable labor of love. 

The popularity of Katong Laksa originated from a hawker who started selling Nyonya Laksa in the Katong area in the early 1960s. Due to demand and popularity,  a number of Laksa stalls quickly opened up in the same area. As a result, this iconic dish became known as Katong Laksa or Singapore Laksa.

At Baba Laksa, we want to pay homage to this legendary dish, which the late legendary chef Anthony Bourdain regarded as one of the best foods he has ever tasted.

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