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The true measure of a skilled Peranakan Nyonya lies in her ability to faithfully recreate and refine ancestral recipes, showcasing her exceptional culinary prowess. It’s in the art of ‘tumbuk rempah’ and the finesse with which she navigates a bustling, steamy kitchen that her culinary mastery truly shines.

At Baia Nonna, we take great joy in sharing our reimagined culinary heritage with you. Each dish was a labor of love crafted by Nonna, the skilled Peranakan matriarch at Baia Nonna. These recipes were not mere formulas; they were the threads connecting generations of Peranakan families.

The secret behind every great Peranakan dish lies not just in the ingredients or techniques but in the stories that accompany each dish. We invite you to join us on a heartwarming journey as we unveil the tales woven into the modernised dishes before you.

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